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Heal cancer naturally with India’s first 6-step nutrition healing treatment

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Why Anti-Cancer Project?

Step 1

Inspire Yourself

Gives you access to the right role models who beat even Stage III & IV Cancer without chemotherapy and radiation. They inspire you to be more.

Step 2

Educate Yourself

Equips you with the right skills and information that will help you with your Anti-Cancer journey

Step 3

Get The Right Tests

Testing is an important part of the cancer healing journey and the right tests can make all the difference to monitor the progress of whether cancer can be prevented or not, if you are starting your nutritional healing journey, it is better to get tested.

Step 4

Start Shopping

Now that you are ready with the first 3 steps, without wasting any time, let’s start shopping with the and get you right organic groceries, detoxification kits

Step 5

Supercharge your Immune System

All these non-toxic therapies can help you supercharge your immune system and help you get rid of the cancer cells in the body

High Dose Vitamin C IV’s

Medical Ozone Therapy

Mistletoe Therapy

Insulin Potentiation Therapy


Medical Cannabis

Step 6

Reevaluate Your Progress

Equips you with the right skills and information that will help you with the Anti-Cancer Journey
Narendra Modi
Narendra ModiHon'ble Prime Minister of India
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The Judicious use of Alternative Systems of Medicine is found cost effective and having lesser or no side effects. India stays in rural setup, where medicines from alternative systems can play very big role in curing the primary healthcare problems”
Arun Jaitley
Arun JaitleyFormer Minister of Finance
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I am also happy to learn that the Council is providing research, education, health services through holistic approach with complementary alternative & traditional medicines for the benefit of the society.
Shri Kiran Rijiju
Shri Kiran RijijuMinister of Home Affairs, Government of India
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Though, both Central as well as State Governments are laying enormous focus to create health care infrastructure, we still face huge shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas. The resurgence of traditional and alternative medicine can play an important role to bridge this gap.
Akhilesh Yadav
Akhilesh Yadavpresident of the Samajwadi Party
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Alternative Medicines offer inexpensive and effective treatment for many diseases and are more helpful to the common man. Therefore, importance of alternative systems of medicines is being increasingly realized in our country”
Shri Nitin Patel
Shri Nitin PatelDeputy Chief Minister of Gujarat In office
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The concept of research, education & Health Services of council of alternative system of medicines has given a lot of benefits to the society at large. This alternative system of medicine is well known in India, which is different than other system of medicines and without side effects”
Shri Balmiki Prasad Singh
Shri Balmiki Prasad SinghGovernor of Sikkim
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Alternative System of medicine is gaining popularity among people not only because it provides an economical alternative but also seeks to eliminate unhealthy dependence on medicines. It explores the cause of the symptom rather than simply treat it.”

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