About Us

About Us

Meet the caregivers of the dream

We bring you India’s first Anti-Cancer Project aimed at providing research based data
undertaken worldwide on healing and reversing cancer using non-toxic alternate
therapies and body’s own immune system with the power of nature.

We know it’s hard to believe, and
therefore we offer:

Holistic Survivor Stories

of winners who have healed their life threatening end stage cancer without the use of chemotherapy, surgery & radiation and healed using diet, lifestyle, alternate therapies

Educational Videos

to help you understand
everything about cancer

Right Tests

which the conventional medicine offers and the tests which the conventional medicine doesn’t offer that can help cancer detect speedily and easily

Organic Marketplace

comprising of all anti-cancer products and designed to eliminiate the two main causes of
Disease, Deficiency & Toxicity.

Directory of Doctors

Comprehensive Directory of Doctors
who are on a mission to save lives
using Non-Toxic Therapies

Still don’t believe?
Read their Triumph Journeys

Candice Marie Fox

Stage III

Thyroid Cancer Holistic Survivor

Lori Wyman

Stage III

Breast Cancer Holistic Survivor

Janet Vitt

Stage IV

Lung Cancer Holistic Survivor

James McCraw

Stage IV

Brain Cancer Holistic Survivor


To saves lives from cancer without the use of chemotherapy, surgery & radiation


Making Alternate Cancer Treatment
options accessible to all and making it
as our key focus to reverse cancer
through healthy diet, lifestyle &
mental health.

We build a healthier nation each time a
patient finds the right treatment

Purpose of Anti-Cancer Project

The purpose of this website is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on
alternative cancer treatments. It is not a brand, but a mission. The information is to let cancer
patients and / or their caregivers have the information necessary to let them know which
alternative cancer treatment options exist.

Thus the purpose of this site is to let cancer patients:

Make cancer patients mentally strong by making them believe that cancer can also be reversed using diet and nutrition as well.

Understand the role of Non-Toxic Therapies, Nutrition, Mental Health and Dental Health in healing cancer.

Learn about the inspiring journey as to how people are reversing their cancer without the use of chemotherapy and radiation worldwide.

Quickly learn about their best alternative cancer treatment options, so they can make their cancer treatment decisions easily, and thus they can start their alternative cancer treatment sooner than they could by doing their own research.

Persons who are afraid & fearful of cancer and
believe their genes or for hereditary reasons, they can increase their chances of getting cancer.

Who Can Benefit

Persons who have been diagnosed with cancer and yet to start treatment.

Patients who do not want to go for traditional kind of treatment due to ill health or old age or for any other reason.

Persons who are undergoing treatment through
traditional methods of treatments and Chemotherapy/Radiation process is going on.

After treatment care for people who do not want their cancer to relapse and want themselves to become more mentally and physically strong to so that they can make tier own decisions.

Persons who are afraid & fearful of cancer and
believe their genes or for hereditary reasons, they can increase their chances of getting cancer.

Our Alternate Medicine Cancer Caregivers
Executives of the Dream

Shubham Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

Sangeet Agrawal


Dipesh Gupta

Technical Head


UI/UX Head

Media Partner

A mission to save lives, a mission to save you

Your Healing Journey Can Inspire More People

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