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Effective Cancer
Diet, designed & personalized for you!

Supercharging your immune system involves recognising and destroying cancer cells in combination with natural, non invasive, effective therapies that will take advantage of cancer cells weaknesses.

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Is diet alone powerful enough to reverse Cancer?

An option to cancer patients to consult an expreinced Doctor who can suggest alternative treatment options for healing of cancer along with better quality of life. Our non-invasive therapies have helped patients with even the most advanced stages of Cancer find hope in healing. Our natural therapies are designed not just to kill cancer cells, but restore the health of the rest of your body so it’s better able to fight cancer on its own.

How does diet affect you?

Our treatments help to maintain our patient’s quality of life while effectively building their immune system and shrinking the Cancer Tumors. Oftentimes, even patients with advanced, stage-4 cancer, or those who have been told they do not have any other treatment options, find success with our alternative therapy programs.

Personalised Approach

Part of alternative cancer therapy is the belief your attitude truly affects the results of your cancer treatment program. We find patients with positive attitudes, and hope for their cancer therapy, see more successful results.

We Adapt Your Therapy To Your Progress By Reviewing Your



Current Condition including your initial
diagnosis and cancer treatments to date.

Preliminary Tests that before your diet starts



Start by giving you a Diet, Lifestyle and a plan for optimal mental Health

Monitoring your progress and improvement every 15 days

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At Anti-Cancer Project, we focus just as much attention on getting to know our patients as we do on our cutting
edge treatment programs. Why? Because we believe that your attitude truly has the power to affect you


1 Session


Introductory Offer - 10000/- 15 days

Dr. Arul K.

Medical Head

Dr. Arul K.

Medical Head

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