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Bite-sized seeds, raw almonds are filled to the brim with nutritional benefits like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that cater to different health benefits of an individual. Some of the potential benefits associated with raw almonds include managing cholesterol levels, improving cardiovascular health, being a rich source of Vitamin E, managing blood sugar and boosting bone health. (1). Almonds include nutrients like Vitamin E, magnesium, Vitamin B (folate and biotin), iron, calcium, potassium, healthy fats, fiber and protein. (2) Almonds have as much calcium as milk and helps prevent cancer. 

Raw almonds are being studied for their significant cancer-fighting abilities. Studies have concluded that raw almonds act as a protective factor against the development of carcinogenic cells. Almonds contain nutrients like magnesium and Vitamin E which help in reducing the risk of cancers like pancreatic, colorectal and endometrial cancer (3). 

Research of Yale University Cancer performed a clinical trial on 826 participants who regularly consumed raw almonds and demonstrated a 57% improvement in survival rate and 42% disease-free survival. A slew of healthy behaviors including maintaining a healthy weight, increased physical activity, and regulated intake of sugary beverages improved the risk of colon cancer along with consuming almonds (4).

It was also found that almonds provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection which reduces the formation of free radicals and breaks the cell’s signals that promote cancer development. (5)

In addition to all this the fiber content present in almonds helps in the detoxification of the body. It aids efficient digestion and also prevents the risk of colon cancer in the process. (6)


  1. 1. A study by Yale Cancer Center showed that colon cancer survivors have a significantly lower risk of cancer recurrence upon consumption of tree nuts like almonds and a 57% decrease in mortality rate. (7)
  2. AICR’s Third Expert Report and Continous Update Project (CUP) identified a 15% lower risk of cancer in individuals who consumed almonds daily. (5)
  3. A 2015 study concluded that consuming raw almonds lowered the risk of breast cancer by two to three times in individuals (1)
  4. 97 patients and 104 control subjects were analyzed. High consumption of almonds along with peanuts and walnuts, showed a significant reduction in breast cancer. A protective effect was observed which was absent in patients who had moderate seed consumption or had none. (8)
  5. In a study published in 2017, high consumption of almonds along with other nuts caused a decrease in lung cancer. Data from 2098  lung cases from a clinical study and 18,533 incident cases were studied. (2)


Almonds should be stored in a cool and dark place and should be refrigerated if not planned to be eaten within a few weeks. Till date, research has not provided us with any established scientific data on daily recommendation of almonds. However, being nutrient-dense, it is important to keep track and maintain the portion size of daily consumption. It is advised that an individual can consume a maximum of 23 almonds in a day. (3)


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