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Coming from Bertholletia excelsa, native to forests of Brazil, brazil nuts are a storehouse of nutrients. These nuts are good sources of dietary fiber, healthy fats, proteins and selenium. Brazil nuts have several nutritional benefits including promoting brain function, improving cardiovascular health and providing antioxidants. (1)

Brazil Nuts have been extensively studied for their anti-cancer properties.Studies have revealed that selenium present in brazil nuts has shown protective effects against carcinogenic cells. Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium and therefore upon consumption of brazil nuts can significantly reduce a large number of cancer risks. (2) Selenium exhibits anti-inflammatory effects and also plays a significant role in healing wounds. (3) Brazil nuts are also a rich source of compounds like squalene, tocopherol and phytosterols which are linked to reducing the risk of development and growth of carcinogenic cells and atherosclerosis. (4)


  1. In a laboratory study conducted on rats, the data revealed that the bioactivity of selenium present in brazil nuts showed effective cancer prevention and selenoenzyme maintenance. (5)
  2. A study funded by the World Cancer Research Fund revealed that the consumption of brazil prevented prostate cancer. (3)
  3. Data obtained from a study revealed brazil nuts regulate colorectal cancer biomarkers. (6)

Brazil nuts can be eaten as a snack or included in dishes roasted, chopped or in the form of a paste. Excess consumption of brazil nuts is not recommended as it leads to selenium toxicity. An individual should eat one-three brazil nuts per day. (1, 7)

Shelled brazil nuts should be kept in the refrigerator or in the freezer,  or in cool, dark places. The shelf life of these shelled brazil nuts is four-six months. However, the unshelled brazil nuts last for one-two month and should be kept in airtight containers in the refrigerator. (8)


  1. Can lead to weight gain
  2. Development of allergic reactions
  3. Selenium toxicity leads to symptoms like dizziness, hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue problems, acute respiratory distress problems, renal ailments and muscle tenderness or soreness. (1)


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