Organic Punarnava Powder (Pack of 2 – 114g+114g=228g)

Manufactured By                                 Latin Name
Dr. JPG Organics                            Boerhavia Diffusa

Deriving its name for the growth and proliferation of the plant, punarnava or Boerhaavia diffusais are bestowed with a plethora of medical benefits. Punarnava is abundant in carbohydrates and proteins. It has been extensively used in traditional medications for its therapeutic goodness and can be used to combat different ailments including gastrointestinal ailments, neuromuscular disorders, respiratory diseases and to treat joints. (1)

Extensive studies are conducted on punarnava powder to understand its anti-cancer properties. The plant is a rich source of various polyphenolic compounds, glycosides, flavonoids and steroids. It has been observed that punarnava powder possesses anti-estrogenic and antiproliferative properties that can effectively combat cancer cell lines, especially breast carcinogenic cells. (1)


  1. Reports from a study revealed that administration of punarnava powder to human cervical cancer cells resulted in antiproliferative effects. Reduced cell proliferation and morphological changes were observed which resulted in the induction of apoptosis. (2)

To the mixture of ½ – one teaspoon of Punarnava powder with myrobalan pods, sugar should be consumed and taken with lukewarm water.  To mask the bitterness of punarnava powder, you can consume the powder with honey or milk. The mixture of punarnava powder with milk, water or honey should be consumed at night, morning or evening respectively. (3)

Punarnava powder cannot be stored for a long period. It can spoil quickly. Therefore, to store, it is important to store the powder in an airtight container. The powder should be stored away from humidity and heat. (3)


  1. Can reduce blood sugar levels, therefore, individuals consuming sugar medications should consult their health professional prior to taking punarnava powder
  2. Pregnant and lactating women should seek medical advice prior to using punarnava powder
  3. Development of allergic reactions (3)


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