Gokhru Powder | Gokshura 228g (114g X 2PC=228g)

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Gokshura Powder & Cancer
Gokshura or Tribulus terrestris is a medicinal plant used extensively in Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine for its therapeutic goodness. Belonging to the Caltrop family, Gokshura is a small but powerful leafy plant. Gokshura has proven to produce effective positive results against a variety of ailments including kidney diseases, inflammation, erectile dysfunction, asthma and chronic (1)

Extensive studies are being conducted to understand the anti-cancer properties of gokshura powder. It has been observed that free radical damage is linked to various chronic diseases, including certain types of cancer. Gokshura powder has coumaroylquinic acid and polyphenols that act as strong antioxidants keeping such chronic ailments at bay. (1)


  1. Results from an experiment revealed saponins present in gokshura powder provided effective results against breast carcinoma cell lines. It was observed that the mRNA of three genes CXCR4, CCR7 and BCL2 changed upon the administration of gokshura powder. It was observed that saponin provided cell-specificity. It further affected metastasis and led to apoptosis of the tumour cells. (2)
  2. Another study showcased that administration of gokshura powder suppressed the growth and spread of carcinogenic cells. (3)

The ideal dosage of gokshura powder is 3-5 grams per day. One teaspoon of gokshura powder should be mixed with one teaspoon of organic honey and mixed thoroughly. It will turn into a paste in 1-2 minutes. Consume it by licking the paste slowly alongside a warm glass of milk. (4)

Gokshura powder should be stored in cool and dark places. Store the powder in an air-tight sealed container and should not be subjected to extreme temperatures as it will denature the components. The shelf life of gokshura powder can last for a year. (5)


The ill effects of un-recommended consumption of gokshura powder include:

  1. Can cause gastrointestinal disorders
  2. Lead to prostate enlargement in men
  3. Gokshura powder can cause allergic reactions leading to rashes and stomach problems
  4. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using gokshura powder as it can inhibit the development of the growing baby
  5. Diabetic patients should avoid gokshura powder as consumption of the powder lowers blood sugar level
  6. Gokshura powder interacts with lithium elimination, anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-diabetes drugs and ACE inhibitors



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No Added Colors and Flavors. No Food Additives. No Preservatives.

  • May Help deal with kidney and urinary problems.
  • Gokhru Powder For Kidney Care.
  • 100% Organic Gokhru Powder
  • Our Products are Hygienically Processed at INDIA Organic Certified Facility.

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