Organic Giloy Powder- Guduchi For Immunity-228g (114g+114g=228g)

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Dr. JPG Organics                              Tinospora cordifolia

Giloy Powder & Cancer
Indigenous to Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India, Tinospora cordifolia or Giloy has been extensively used for its therapeutic goodness and medicinal benefits. Growing as a creeper alongside Neem, Giloy absorbs its nutritional benefits and exhibits a plethora of benefits. Giloy is used against a variety of ailments, especially for its digestive, antipyretic, blood-purifying, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in strengthening the immune system. (1)

Extensive studies are being conducted on giloy powder to understand its anticancer properties. Experiments reveal various properties of giloy powder. According to research Giloy powder houses four major classes of compounds including alkaloids, lignans, steroids and terpenoids. Rutin and quercetin present in giloy powder particularly exhibit antiproliferative properties.

It has been observed that apart from the polysaccharide fraction of giloy powder reducing the metastatic potential of carcinogenic cells, administration of giloy powder invoked up-regulation of anti-tumour activity of TAM (tumour-associated macrophages).

Giloy powder alleviates the negative side effects of radiation and exhibits anti-neoplastic and anti-angiogenesis properties. (1)


  1. Results obtained from an experiment revealed that administration of giloy powder to oral cancer cell lines acts as an anti-cancer agent. In a dose-dependent manner, giloy powder prevented the growth and proliferation of carcinogenic cells and induced apoptosis. (2)
  2. In another study, it was observed that a polysaccharide fraction of giloy powder effectively ameliorates the metastatic potential of melanoma cells. (3)
  3. In a laboratory experiment, administration of giloy powder on ovarian, prostate and breast cancer cells exhibited effective cytotoxic activity. (4)

Giloy powder can be consumed once or twice daily or as recommended. Half a teaspoon of giloy powder can be mixed with lukewarm water or honey and prepared as a concoction and consumed thereafter. (5)

Giloy powder should be stored in cool and dark places. Store the powder in an air-tight sealed container and should not be subjected to extreme temperatures as it will denature the components. The shelf life of giloy powder can last for a year and is essential to keep the powder away from the reach of children. (5)


  1. Giloy powder reduces blood sugar levels, therefore, individuals taking medications for lowering blood glucose might run a risk of a hypoglycemic reaction.
  2. Due to its stimulating effect on the immune system, individuals affected with Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus should not consider taking giloy powder
  3. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should seek medical advice before consuming giloy powder
  4. If an individual is under medication, it is essential to consult medical professionals before consumption of giloy powder. (6)



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