Organic Triphala Powder 228g (Pack of 2 – 114g each)

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A staple of Ayurvedic medications, triphala is renowned for its therapeutic goodness. It can effectively combat several ailments including dental ailments, and gastrointestinal problems and boosting overall health. Triphala consists of several medicinal herbs and therefore is considered a polyherbal medicine. It is a powerful antioxidant containing polyphenols and gallic acid. (1)

Extensive studies are carried out on triphala powder to understand its anti-cancer effects. It has been observed that overproduction of free radicals can lead to the development of chronic ailments, especially cancer. Triphala powder exhibits chemotherapeutic, immunomodulatory and chemopreventive properties. Triphala modulates different signaling pathways preventing growth and proliferation and inducing apoptosis in the carcinogenic cells. (2)


  1. Data obtained from a study revealed administration of Triphala powder provided an effective cytotoxic effect against colon cancer cells. Inhibition of the proliferating cancer cells was observed along with p53 independent apoptosis through Bax/ Bcl-2 ration elevation. (3)
  2. In another study, chebulinic acid present in triphala powder has provided an effective cytotoxic effect in laboratory analysis. Growth of the cells was inhibited as triphala powder inhibits the action of the chemical, vascular endothelial growth factor which is critical for tumour formation. (4)
  3. Data from another study revealed administration of triphala powder in the Zebrafish xenograft model can lead to suppression of growth and proliferation of the human gastric carcinoma cells. (5)
  4. In another study, administration of triphala powder resulted in the disruption of microtubule assembly dynamics resulting in inhibition of proliferation of the carcinogenic cells. (6)

The ideal dosage of triphala powder ranges around 500 mg- 1 gram per day. Triphala powder can be mixed with lukewarm water and honey and should be consumed before meals. It can be added with ghee and mixed into a drink as well. (1)

It is important to store triphala powder in an airtight container. The powder should be stored away from humidity and heat and kept out of reach of children. (7)


  1. Abdominal discomfort
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek professional advice before using triphala powder
  4. Can interact with blood thinning medications.
  5. Increases the risk of bleeding (1)


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