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We empathise and know how important recovering from cancer naturally is for you and therefore, we have made a healing plan for you. Learn more about it.

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What is Anti-Cancer Project's natural cancer healing plan?

Whenever someone is diagnosed with cancer, he is faced with either of these 4 situations: 

1) To opt Medical Treatments which includes Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation Therapy

2)  To opt natural treatments which includes avoiding medical treatments for any reasons and looking for ways to reverse cancer naturally
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3) To work simultaneously with Medical Treatments and also approach naturally
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      We work to help you in reversing cancer using 2nd situation. 
If you choose to go with medical treatments, then it is also your choice, but our mission is to help provide all the tools to heal cancer naturally because cancer is nothing but healthy cells turned rogue and when these cells are fed with the requirements then these cancer cells start dying and health is restored. 

                  How is cancer approached at Anti-Cancer Project:

What is the process of going ahead with Anti-Cancer Project?

1) Step 1 - Preliminary Discussion 
a) Start by filling up this form(this includes basic details so that our panel doctor can understand your condition and after reviewing all conditions we will get back to you and confirm whether you should approach cancer naturally). Alternatively, you can fill in the form at the beginning of this page and our team will call you back. If you want, you can also schedule a free 15 minute consultation with our team and they can answer your questions you may have about the program. Make sure you also read the FAQ section, it may already have the answers you are looking for.

2) Step 2 - Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation will help the doctor decide what aspect is weak which caused the cancer and book the sessions accordingly. For example, if after deep discussion, it has been felt that person's cancer was a result of intense trauma or a toxic mental health, then along with working to heal cancer, more sessions with a mental health therapist will be required. Your customised plan will be decided by the doctor.    

2) Step 2 - 
Once our doctor approves that you are fit for this, we will send you a link to fill out a consent form and get board on this

3) Step 3 -  Comprehensive Testing & Analysis
Our experts review your medical history and take time to get to know you. We give you a list of lab tests and advanced tests that goes much deeper than what’s offered by most doctors. You will have the first call where they will with your health coach which is normally much longer than an average medical appointment, the call can last anywhere from 45 mins to 1+ hour. Your health history & reports are analysed by our expert doctors and clinicians to chart out the right course of action for you.  

4) Step 4 - 
Personalised & Comprehensive Health Plan
 You will get a personalised health plan, created by your team, which includes recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, supplements, sleep and more. You will also begin your one-on-one online sessions with different specialists in your care team, movement therapist and mental wellbeing counsellor (as per the inclusions in your plan). Your health coach will help you set achievable goals and provide practical guidance to help you overcome your unique challenges.  

5) Step 5 - Monitoring your progress
You’ll have monthly sessions with your health coach regularly to track symptoms and progress, address any new barriers, and adjust the plan as needed. During your scheduled sessions your health coach will continue to help you to build healthy habits, give motivation and keep you accountable. Team is also available whenever you need them in between appointments via messaging – just reach out through the app or Whatsapp!

Why should you choose Anti-Cancer Project?

Each expert works personally with you and is designed to work for your lifestyle.

A dedicated health coach and multidisciplinary care team for all your needs.

Unlimited whatsapp support and regular monitoring and reviews.

Advanced testing protocols & expert analysis of your reports.

Each plan is monitored by doctors with advanced training in functional medicine.

We are completely online. We work with clients across the globe.

Your team of 5 personalised healing partners
working heal cancer completely

Functional Medicine Doctor


Mental Health Therapist

Yoga Expert

Cancer Coach

Supplemental Therapies

Pricing for these programs

Complete Reversal of disease

Nutrition Therapy


Nutrition Therapy


Nutrition Therapy


Cancer coach

IV Therapies -
high dose vitamin C IV's, OZONE Therapy (Available in selected locations (Fill the form to know more)


  • Private Whatsapp group where different experts where all of them will be there. 
  • A comprehensive holistic program that covers all areas of your health and recovery including nutrition, physical and mental wellness.
  • A dedicated care team with a Nutritionist, Health Coach, Care Manager, Yoga Therapist & Mental Counsellor. 
  • Weekly Calls with a Nutritionist. (50 mins)
  • Monthly 4 virtual sessions  x Yoga Therapy ( 1-1)
  • Monthly 4 virtual sessions  x Mental Counselling.
  • Personalised nutrition therapy plan with recipes. 
  • Advanced diagnostic testing protocols. 
  • Health history and blood work analysis with detailed interpretation, Root Cause Analysis Report & your Recovery Roadmap. 
  • Supplement recommendations.
  • Personalised lifestyle recommendations.
  • Progress monitoring & symptom tracking. 

Choose your specialist yourself Mental Health Therapists Yoga Experts IV Therapies Our experts who have enrolled to work in Healing Package

How is the pricing calculated? Pricing is calculated according to the number of experts you choose which will be decided through your initial consultation with the doctor --- Mental Health Therapists Yoga Experts IV Therapies -- Our experts who have enrolled to work in Healing Package

How is the pricing calculated? Our pricing is nominal because it is calculated according to the number of experts providing time to you on the panel. Each expert will devote his full attention to make sure you thrive on this path of healing.

Have more questions?
Schedule a free 15-minute call with an Health membership advisor. We’re here to answer your questions and help you decide if Anti-Cancer Project is right for you.

An Alternative Approach to Cancer Treatment

An option to cancer patients to consult an expreinced Doctor who can suggest alternative treatment options for healing of cancer along with better quality of life. Our non-invasive therapies have helped patients with even the most advanced stages of Cancer find hope in healing. Our natural therapies are designed not just to kill cancer cells, but restore the health of the rest of your body so it’s better able to fight cancer on its own.


Our treatments help to maintain our patient’s quality of life while effectively building their immune system and shrinking the Cancer Tumors. Oftentimes, even patients with advanced, stage-4 cancer, or those who have been told they do not have any other treatment options, find success with our alternative therapy programs.

Quality of Life

Part of alternative cancer therapy is the belief your attitude truly affects the results of your cancer treatment program. We find patients with positive attitudes, and hope for their cancer therapy, see more successful results.

We Adapt Your Therapy To Your Progress By Reviewing Your



Current Condition Including your initial
diagnosis and cancer treatments to date.

Current Condition Including your initial
diagnosis and cancer treatments to date.

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At Anti-Cancer Project, we focus just as much attention on getting to know our patients as we do on our cutting
edge treatment programs. Why? Because we believe that your attitude truly has the power to affect you

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