Flow cytometry Test

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Flow cytometry Test

Flow cytometry can identify the type of cells in a blood or bone marrow sample, including the types of cancer cells. It detects types of cancer cells based on either the presence or the absence of certain protein markers (antigens) on a cell’s surface. The most common use of flow cytometry is in the identification of markers on cells, particularly in the immune system (called immunophenotyping).

How Is It Done? 

A sample of cells from the blood or a bone marrow biopsy is treated with special antibodies created in the laboratory. Each antibody only sticks to certain types of cells that have the antigens that fit with it. The cells are then passed through a laser beam. If the cells have the antibodies attached to them, they will give off light that is then measured and analyzed by a computer.

What Do the Results Mean? 

Flow cytometry can provide information that is used to diagnose, stage and monitor blood cancers. It can also be used to test for minimal residual disease (MRD), the number of cancer cells remaining in the body after treatment. Detecting MRD helps doctors to determine which patients need additional treatment and which patients do not. Evaluating for MRD in your blood may also help your doctor to decide how to monitor your disease and how to follow you after your treatment is complete.

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Useful for Patients

Early Detection of Cancer

Detection of Cancer Relapse

Monitoring of cancer therapy.

Test Details

Sample Type

Analysis of CTC Markers

Cancer type

All types of Cancers

Final results

7–10 days

Sample Size

7–10 ml peripheral whole blood


Flow cytometry is a laboratory method used to detect, identify, and count specific cells. This information is based on physical characteristics and/or markers called antigens on the cell surface or within cells that are unique to that cell type. This method may be used to evaluate cells from blood, bone marrow, body fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), or tumors.
Flow cytometry is based on isolating the individual cells in a sample that contains many cells. The test allows healthcare providers to look at specific cells one at a time. This is accomplished by processing cells through a common flow cytometry protocol.

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