Sentinel node biopsy

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Sentinel lymph node biopsy has become a standard staging tool in the surgical management of breast cancer. The positive impact of sentinel lymph node biopsy on postoperative negative outcomes in breast cancer patients, without compromising the oncological outcomes, is its major advantage. It has evolved over the last few decades and has proven its utility beyond early breast cancer. Its applicability and efficacy in patients with clinically positive axilla who have had a complete clinical response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy is being aggressively evaluated at present. This article discusses how sentinel lymph node biopsy has evolved and is becoming a useful tool in new clinical scenarios of breast cancer management.

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Useful for Patients

Early Detection of Cancer

Detection of Cancer Relapse

Monitoring of cancer therapy.

Test Details

Sample Type

Analysis of CTC Markers

Cancer type

All types of Cancers

Final results

7–10 days

Sample Size

7–10 ml peripheral whole blood


A sentinel node biopsy is a surgical procedure used to look at a sample of tissue (biopsy) from your lymph nodes to see if an early-stage breast cancer has spread beyond the initial tumor. “Sentinel” means to guard or stand watch, so sentinel lymph nodes are the first ones a cancer is expected to be found in if it has spread (metastasized). Checking these lymph nodes can help your healthcare team identify your breast cancer stage and prescribe a treatment plan.
A sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is a procedure in which the sentinel lymph node is identified, removed, and examined to determine whether cancer cells are present. It is used in people who have already been diagnosed with cancer.

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